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Art Trade: Dubhlainn by JcArtSpace Art Trade: Dubhlainn :iconjcartspace:JcArtSpace 10 4 Lookabutterfly by JcArtSpace Lookabutterfly :iconjcartspace:JcArtSpace 24 2 Size Chart: Villains by JcArtSpace Size Chart: Villains :iconjcartspace:JcArtSpace 4 3 AT w/ Demonicking101 by JcArtSpace AT w/ Demonicking101 :iconjcartspace:JcArtSpace 8 7 Dragon Brothers 2 (for sale) by JcArtSpace Dragon Brothers 2 (for sale) :iconjcartspace:JcArtSpace 4 6 Dragon Brothers Watching Clouds (For sale) by JcArtSpace Dragon Brothers Watching Clouds (For sale) :iconjcartspace:JcArtSpace 5 3 Dragon Brothers 1 (for sale) by JcArtSpace Dragon Brothers 1 (for sale) :iconjcartspace:JcArtSpace 3 3 TMH Cha. 1 Pg. 18 by JcArtSpace TMH Cha. 1 Pg. 18 :iconjcartspace:JcArtSpace 3 10 Request: Don't Turn Around. by JcArtSpace Request: Don't Turn Around. :iconjcartspace:JcArtSpace 12 15 Request: Guardian Angel by JcArtSpace Request: Guardian Angel :iconjcartspace:JcArtSpace 7 5 Request: Demons by JcArtSpace Request: Demons :iconjcartspace:JcArtSpace 6 5 Character Size Sheet 1: The Heros by JcArtSpace Character Size Sheet 1: The Heros :iconjcartspace:JcArtSpace 10 14 TMH Cha. 1 Pg 17 by JcArtSpace TMH Cha. 1 Pg 17 :iconjcartspace:JcArtSpace 5 12 Inktober Day 27: Draco by JcArtSpace Inktober Day 27: Draco :iconjcartspace:JcArtSpace 15 14 Inktober Day 26: Bewildered by JcArtSpace Inktober Day 26: Bewildered :iconjcartspace:JcArtSpace 8 9 Inktober day 25: Circles by JcArtSpace Inktober day 25: Circles :iconjcartspace:JcArtSpace 9 13



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Jolene C.
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hi there! Welcome, I'm a socially awkward young artist who loves to draw all kinds of animals and fantastical creatures.

Here is some of my social media. I post a lot of WIPs to my Instagram, Etsy is where I (occasionally) try to sell merchandise, and Tapas is focused entirely on my webcomic.…

You might be here to give me a llama. I'm not particularly fond of llamas, so why don't you show your support by favoriting, commenting, or watching? Thanks!



Fullbody Sketch
-Other long-nosed creatures
-Features and accessories are added and dropped as requested~

Small Watercolor ACEO card,  inked and colored using watercolor paints. The finished product will look similar to these:
Inktober Day 8: Family by JcArtSpace  YCH CM: Ray by JcArtSpace  Blazing Fury by JcArtSpace 
Lineart/Limited color ACEO card
Inked Aceo Cards with no or minimal colors. Like my other ACEO cards, they have a 2 character limit and I would prefer not to do fullbodies. 
Watercolor ACEO card
Watercolor card on ACEO-sized paper. Please have a clear reference or description of your character. I can only draw 2 characters per card, but will gladly take bulk commissions with more than one card.

Also, because of their small size, I can only do headshots and busts on these, maybe a half-body for simple feral characters. Thanks for your understanding. :)
Colored Pencil ACEO card
A colored pencil drawing of your character on an ACEO card sized piece of paper. Please have a clear reference or detailed description of your character. :) Because of their small size, I cannot do full-bodies and half-bodies will have minimal detail. However, I can go all out with headshots and busts. 
Colored Pencil Artwork
A colored pencil drawing of your original character; can be up to 7 x 5 inches in size and can be a or halfbody or a fullbody. For colored pencil headshots, see "Colored pencil ACEO card".  Please give me either a clear text description of the character or a drawn reference. (scanned or digital references are preferred; blurry photographs are beyond hell to work with.)

One extra character is free of charge. After adding a third character, each extra is another 500 points after that. Complex backgrounds are also another 500 points.

Please read my ToS agreement for more information, thank you!
Commissions ToS Agreement PLEASE READI will draw this stuff!
-SFW artwork
-Fancharacters, OCs, personas, etc
-Portraits of real-life people and animals
-Fantasy creatures, especially:
*angels/demons (Demons assuming they are devil in name only; if they resemble biblical demons very closely, I'm not very comfortable drawing them.)
*Cat-like monsters
-I can draw still-life and landscapes
-Christian (Not political) art
I will not draw this!
-Fetish art
-Mecha, robots, and similar
-Political art
-canon characters and characters that you do not own UNLESS you have permission from the owner
-Any art intended to discriminate against an individual or group or people
Payment and Optional Shipping:
- I accept both DA points and Paypal
-Shipping fees will always be paid through Paypal. I do not accept shipping in points.
-I will ship the art in 1-2 business days after full payment and completion of the work.
-My artwork is very fragile and as carefully packaged as possible. PLEASE handle carefull


Art Trade: Dubhlainn
My half of a trade with Artistwolf16 of her alicorn (right?) named Dubhlainn. I did a watercolor sketch for this one because she colored her half. I'm not the best at horses, but I'm kind of proud of this, even though my sister said that the head looks weird (and she's probably right). I hope you still like him even in all of his funny-headed splendor 

Basically, if you color yours, I color mine. xD

So I know that you base your names on a specific language, so out of curiosity, I looked up Dubhlainn means on google translates. I know I could have just asked but I wanted to see what GT said, even if the translator was wrong, it might make for an interesting conversation. So, according to GT, Dubhlainn is Scottish Gaelic for "sanctions" and sanction means either a threatened penalty for disobedience or official permission for an action. Hmm....

Anyways, I'm still working on trades, my commissions are open (and I might lower the price for sketches; not sure yet) and that's all I've got for now; see ya!
   Aurora thought she was completely alone until she felt someone, or something, poking her in the side. Her first instinct was to bare her teeth and scare them away, but when she whirled around to face the intruder, she was taken aback to see Chiruko with an absolutely ridiculous giddy smile and something cupped inside of his hands. He stood on one leg and was prodding her with his toe. He did not even flinch when he was met with her snarling face, being used to her outbursts. Honestly, the young fuirmoki was more surprised that there wasn't any fire involved this time. Aurora growled quietly. "What do you want?" She grumbled. 

   "I found something kind of cool," Chiruko started. 

   "-and you want to show it to me," Aurora finished for him, exasperation putting a razor's edge on her voice. She sat up and loomed over him. She glowered at him, violet eyes narrowed and the hint of a sneer on her lips. She hoped that Chiruko would back down if she looking frightening enough.

   He was still unfazed. "Yep! Come closer."

   With a weary sigh, Aurora lowered her head and fixed her eyes on Chiruko's hands. They unfolded to reveal a pale butterfly with orange and green markings adorning it's fragile wings. Upon seeing light for the first time in what felt like ages, the butterfly flapped its wings slowly, experimentally. Chiruko extended his pointer finger and let it crawl to the tip of his fingernail, close to Aurora's muzzle. Aurora grimaced, annoyed by the creature's delicate appearance and pastel colors.


   "I don't know. I just thought that you might like looking at it, like I do," he said, a little awkwardly. "It is pretty, isn't it?"

   Aurora growled and pulled her face away from him and the insect. "Sure. It's pretty," she snapped. "Now take it away." 

   "Oh...okay," Chiruko withered a little bit; he brought the butterfly towards his chest and turned to walk away.

   The dragoness sighed. "Chiro," she said quietly; the fuirmoki's nickname still felt strange to her when she spoke it. 

    Chiruko turned around. "Yes?"

    "When you let it go," she said. "Make sure it can spread its wings in the sun, and that it is safe from predators. I'm sure you do not want the pretty creature to get eaten by a bird or a cat." She tilted her head and looked at the butterfly from the corner of her eye. It tested its wings again. The insect was so new; with its wings drooping slightly and the colors still pale. It had a soft, youthful look about it, and something inside of Aurora didn't want it to meet its end in the cold or within the jaws of a hungry animal. 
   "I know that," Chiruko said with a small smile, "but thanks anyways."


Oh hey look, I wrote something.

I thought a short story to go with this picture would be kind of cute. I want to get back to writing a little more. I've been doing a lot of roleplay, but very few stories of my own.
Size Chart: Villains
Oh look, another character chart! this one has pictures of our villains.

There's less of them, and their colors are less varied...I think part of that was intentional; the good guys are more diverse than the not-so-good ones. I'm thinking beyond black and white humans right now; the skin color of the human characters is irrelevant to the point I want to make with my color schemes and races. Basically, white people vrs. black people doesn't exist to the extreme we have/had in the real world. Instead, any messages I have to share about racism will be with white humans vrs. dragons or black humans vrs. literal cat people and chimerae. The racism is not always going to be one-sided either, nor is it limited to villains. TWO of my protagonists actually start out hating each other primarily because they hate each other's races. xD 

I don't know why I'm talking about fictional racism; racism doesn't really have a lot to do with these guy's motivations or end goal. All I'm willing to tell you right now is that Aida is crazy, Drake is only there for the money, and Siad is, for all intents and purposes, the guy in charge. Aida and Siad want to overthrow the Trayish government. When I'm back into writing pages, you'll learn more eventually. 

In the original drawing, Aida's glove was green. Don't ask why; there's some sort of symbolism involving green that I decided just didn't suit my villains, let alone a villain of her caliber, so I edited the glove to be white.

I hope to have more pages uploaded after Christmas Break; until then, art trades, sculptures, and tidbits of concept art will probably be all I have for you guys. 
AT w/ Demonicking101
EDIT: got the art reciever’s name wrong 😅 he seems to have gotten the art anyways but having the wrong name bugs me, so I fixed it.

I've got no titles again, sorry guys. xD

For DemonicKing101 of a character who's name I cannot remember. Hold up, let me go look for it.

....*insert keyboard clicks here*....

NARRISA! Her name is Narrisa!

So. I tried action and foreshortening and all this kind of crazy stuff, with mixed results. I had to erase a lot, so I tried to cover a bunch of marks up by tossing shading in the background. xD Demonicking, I'll admit you are a lot better at drawing people than I am so if you've got any constructive feedback, I love to hear it!

For their half, they drew Lisa. She looks really good! Thank you so much!…

refs used:……



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